Run by Michael, Cathy, and Josh Katz in Hadley, MA, That’s A Plenty Farm asks some essential questions:
• How much is enough?
• What does it mean to have a secure future?
• What would it entail to become contributors to the system, giving back more than we take?
• How can we, on our three acres, work to heal the planet?

As they say on their website, “We hand farm, and build soil. We grow compost, follow protocols to grow nutrient-dense food, and save seeds. We believe in permaculture and perennials. We installed a small solar array. We downsized. We moved to a community where we can ride bikes or walk for work and errands. We aim to grow nutritious food for a family of 6 through 4 seasons in New England (unheated greenhouses). We are learning to need less. To aim our energies at healing the planet. To learn cosmic rhythms. To work toward sustainability.”

In the summer and early fall, That’s A Plenty Farm sells a variety of heirloom cherry tomatoes, organically grown, to local markets. They also sell seeds from their Pollinator Habitat, with the goal of enlisting others in the critical (and beautiful!) project of increasing habitat for local pollinators. The “Local Pollinator Lunchboxes” include many different varieties; visit their page “the seeds we need” to learn more.


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