As with many songwriters, my music doesn’t fit easily into one of the usual genre categories. I like to describe myself as “Joni Mitchell meets Warren Zevon,” but there are also a lot of jazz and other influences in my songs. (One of my major influences is my dad, Michael Katz, a fantastic jazz pianist. He recently released Taming the Wild Piano, his learn-to-play-the-piano-by-improvising course, and if you’re even the tiniest bit interested in playing, you ought to take a look.)

In August 2012, I released my first album, Galaxies. You can stream or buy it (name your own price!) at In 2013, I hope to record and release three albums: a jazz album with my dad, a winter/Christmas album, and an album of new folk songs for kids. We’ll see what actually gets done!

I play a Santa Cruz OM/PW, which has a beautiful ringing tone. I’m not gigging much right now, as I’m busy raising two kids and working on the three albums, but you can sometimes catch me busking on the streets of Northampton, MA. Stop by and say hello if you see me.


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