A bass player, vocalist, songwriter, drummer, and guitarist, Eric Brandoli was brought up surrounded by music. Largely self-taught, Eric earned his funk and R&B credentials playing Massachusetts clubs like the (legendary, but now defunct) Tic Toc. His early band, Brotherman, a 7-piece funk ensemble, was so popular that locals still remember the name.

Eric released his first album, self-titled, in 2000, but soon thereafter suffered a debilitating firefighting accident that kept him in physical recovery for many years. Working his way back into the game, Eric is currently writing and recording his second album.

With its rich low-mids, Eric’s voice has been compared to that of Bill Withers and Donnie Hathaway; as a songwriter, he has been likened to Stevie Wonder. You can buy his first album on iTunes or CDBaby, or follow him on Soundcloud to hear snippets of more recent work.

Visit ericbrandoli.com

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