Many, many talented people have been involved in getting this music into shape… not to mention the art, the photography, and the general support I’ve received from all quarters. Please visit these links and support these wonderful artists and people!

Freescaling is a program for piano teachers to help their students build competence through creativity. Using the unique Rhythmetrics engine, developed by me and my father, the jazz pianist Michael Katz, teachers can help students move beyond simply reading music to actually making music. As they experiment with the building blocks of music theory, students also become improvisers, composers, and full-fledged directors of their own musical exploration.

Josh Katz: my brother, a massively talented musician in Northampton, MA, is opening his studio to teach voice, piano, bass, sax, and songwriting. He’s taught kids as young as three years old for the past twenty years in local preschool and elementary schools; he’s ready to teach kids and adults alike. Drop him a line!

Eric Brandoli: Eric’s self-titled 2000 release is available on iTunes, and CDBaby; he’s currently working on another album. Eric has helped in ten thousand ways, particularly when it comes to the general domain of sound, and what you can do with it. He’s improved my vocal tone tremendously and helped me find essential space in my singing. If you want to hire an outstanding singer (think Bill Withers) who can play the funk out of the bass, you could do no better than hiring Eric.

Rolf Pechukas: a superb musician himself, with a unique songwriting/editing/production ear. He’s helped me improve almost every song I’ve written. Indispensable help on the album. Contact him if you’d like to take your songwriting to the next level.

Celia Miller: a voice teacher in Northampton, MA, who teaches SLS, or “Speech-Level-Singing.” I’ve taken two lessons with her; both transformed my voice. Do it!

The Institute for the Musical Arts: Where Galaxies will be/is being/was recorded at the end of February. A really cool nonprofit teaching, performing, and recording facility dedicated to supporting women and girls in music-related business.

Dave Chalfant: He’s engineering the album at the Institute for the Musical Arts, then mixing and mastering in his own studio. A super-nice guy with skills to match.

Ivon Schmukler: The Massachusetts luthier who turned me on to the IMA. Boy, does he make nice guitars. Pay his site a visit and listen to the clip of the sycamore (!) guitar tuned down to open C.



Jacqueline Pelott: photos of the Bearded Lady, the angry yogi, Blofeld’s cat, and the dental hygienist on the home page, plus all photos in the “Phoenix” slideshow.

Machel Spence: Egg photo

ucic: You see, I see. Each Thursday (give or take), Eric Brandoli and I post a set of paired photos—his on the left, mine on the right. We don’t know what the other person is going to post beforehand. Some nice synchronicities happening. Please feel free to steal the idea, as I did—from the blog “3191.”


other cool projects and neat people

That’s-a-Plenty Farm: My parents and brother (all musicians themselves; Dad and Josh play on the album) work this small organic farm in Hadley, MA. They focus on nutrient density and pollinator crops; in fact, they received a grant to become the first official pollinator farm in Western MA. You can buy packets of pollinator seeds (flowers beloved by butterflies and bees) at River Valley Market in Northampton, MA.

Unlimited Italian: My friend Alessandra Andrisani (an Italian painter and chef) cooks amazing meals and paints even more amazing pictures of the food. You must see her painted recipes.


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