Attack of the POD PEOPLE!!!

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Attack of the POD PEOPLE!!!

My fellow Earthlings,

It is with deep seriousness that I write you today to tell you that… the POD PEOPLE HAVE ATTACKED!

Okay, well, the POD PERSON, anyway.

That is to say, Charlie McCarron, host of “Composer Quest,” a podcast featuring interviews with music composers and producers. Charlie and I made our virtual acquaintance a few years back, participating in the online songwriting competition Spintunes. Since then, he’s become a full-time podcaster. Several weeks ago I got a kind email from him asking for an interview, and last week we did a Skype session. He and I talked about how songwriting for me is really an act of body, an activity of sensation—like rolling marbles around in my chest. We discussed lyrics, inspiration, failure, Kickstarter, my wacky ideas for a “Bearded Lady & the Fat Man” music video, and much more.

Click here to listen to the Composer Quest podcast about “Physical Songwriting with Jenny Katz,” which runs a little less than half an hour.

Charlie did a beautiful job editing the interview. He makes me sound smooth, almost seamless—kind of like an ALIEN SPACECRAFT MADE OF SOME GLOWING MATERIAL…



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  1. Charlie McCarron


    Thanks so much for sharing your stories and music with me! I hope you do that bearded lady shaving music video.



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